The Tambo Hostel is located in the town of Yanque 7 km from the town of Chivay the valley of Colca, Yanque is a quiet town and conserves the legacy of its ancestors “The Collahuas” customs, traditions, architecture archaeological remains and also the Uyo Uyo ruins, you may find the most beautiful colonial church in the valley, museums our natural thermal water pools maybe a delight to visitors.

The construction of our hostel combines perfectly with the wildness of material of the area with the comfort of our time for its strategic location our hostel, also becomes the ideal center to carry out trips in bicycles, horses, walks, canoes, as well as fishing amongest others.

We offer our guests the quality economy and the necessary comfort for a good rest before and after visiting the spectacular canyon of Colca, THE PEEPEST CANYON OF THE WORLD and majestic flight of condors , the location of the hostel and construction of bungalows and personalized attention make the a charming place in the Peruvian Andies.

Yanque - Cañon del Colca
Celphone: 51 54 959688125 - Phone: 51 54 786887
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